Duluth Lift Bridge $350






This is the Aerial Lift Bridge, in Duluth Minnesota. This is an individual piece, one of a kind. The photo itself is printed on three "metal prints", high quality photo print paper. Each print is sandwiched between two panes of glass. The glass is held securely by metal rods which are in turn, secured to nice old piece of a small antique door. You can purchase it on Etsy.com for $350

The print itself isn't unique. It can, of course, be reprinted, sent, etc... but this piece is one of a kind and built by me, the original photographer and artist.

This piece is fragile and heavy, so make sure that when you hang it make sure its very secure on your wall.

It also has lights in the back which are powered either by a battery pack or by a power cord which you can plug in. Buy this piece comes with both options.