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Hm... you probably clicked on this to find out more about me... which means I should tell you about me...

 For 13 years I was a member and one of many leaders of the Duluth Vineyard Church. This is what I did, this was the most important thing. But now I moved to Eau Claire and I'm just a follower of Jesus. So... where the heck do I go from there?  Well, everything I do I try to make sure that I am still following, including this website.

I lived in Wisconsin for my first twenty years. Raised by my parents who, although both working in the science and medical field (nurse and veterinarian), both expressed their creativity in their free time, my mother decorating the house every season with gusto, and my father becoming the family photographer. After graduating high school, I enrolled at UMD (University of Minnesota, Duluth). It was there that I quickly rediscovered my childhood passion of the arts and enrolled in classes exploring all types of art mediums, but in the end, focusing on one: photography. Although I never finished college, (though I keep telling my parents I will), I found full time employment at a web development company in Duluth (50 Below) after using a website I helped build for my church as part of my resume. With a full time occupation I was able to save up for printing my own photographs and hanging them at my church and local businesses (Pizza Luce).

One of the biggest things I feel that God is asking me to do in my life is fight Human Trafficking and Prostitution (I know, this BIG, and I can't do it alone).

While writing movie reviews and articles for my other site, and SOMETIMES getting published on, I continue to work on my Photography, reach out to the poor and the homeless and Love God and Love People.